Prof. Sikstus Gusli

Prof. Sikstus Gusli

Sikstus Gusli is a Professor in Soil Science at Hasanuddin University, Makassar, Indonesia. He earned his undergraduate degree from Hasanuddin University, MSc from the University of New England, and PhD from Adelaide University.

He has been instrumental to cocoa development in Indonesia, especially in Sulawesi. In the last twenty years, his community services and research activities have been heavily focused on cocoa farm management and cocoa farmer empowerment through various programs collaborated with international institutions/agencies/NGOs and the government.

Learning from years of field observations and studies, especially under the changing climate condition, which affects timing for farm management (e.g. for pruning and fertilizer application), yield upset due to disrupted soil water balance and pest/disease infestation, he concludes that smallholder cocoa in Sulawesi should be managed under cocoa-based agroforestry systems. In this system, farmers practice integrated cocoa-other crops/trees-livestock to improve soil and plant health naturally, increase smallholder income generated from cocoa production and increased overall farm productivity from various secondary products. It is more sustainable and resilient to climate change. In this conference, he is delighted to share some of his experiences.


31 October 2019


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