Frank Mars

Frank Mars

Frank Mars is a member of the Mars Board of Directors, and Vice President of Mars Sustainable Solutions. In his prior role as the Global President of Mars Symbioscience from 2005 through 2017, Frank led the creation of Mars Symbioscience, an internal technology-based health and life sciences venture tasked with developing and commercializing new products and services supported by evidence-based science. This included CocoaVia™, a revolutionary cocoa flavanol extract-based supplement that supports heart and brain health by promoting healthy blood flow.

In addition to his time leading Mars Symbioscience, Frank has held a variety of senior positions within Mars, for over his 29 years in the Electronics, Snack Food, Pet Care and Food segments across the United States, Europe, and Asia. Presently, Frank is leading a small team focused on developing scalable solutions proven to increase the resilience and sustainability of the key tropical marine and forestry ecosystems Mars in part, depends upon. Mr. Mars is also a Co-founder and Chairman of the Board of Heliae® - an applied life sciences and technology company located just outside of Phoenix, Arizona, USA. Founded in 2008 and a spin out of ASU, Heliae is presently focused on developing commercial scale microalgae production platforms for naturally enhancing soil health and improving overall agricultural crop resilience and productivity.


31 October 2019


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