Kasdi Subagyono

Kasdi Subagyono

At present Dr. Kasdi Subagyono is the Director-General of Estate Crops, Ministry of Agriculture, started early this year. Previously he is the Head of the Planning Bureau of the Secretariat General of the Ministry of Agriculture and served as Secretary of the Agency for Agricultural Research and Development since February 2013, and has served as Head of the Center for Agricultural Technology Research and Development, other positions he has ever held include Head of Central Java AIAT, Head of West Java AIAT (2007-2009), Head of Balitklimat (2005-2007). He has been a Principal Researcher in the field of Hydrology and Soil Conservation.

He obtained his bachelor's degree in 1988 from Brawijaya University, Malang. Then he continued his Master degree at Gent Universiteit, Belgium and finished in 1996. His doctorate was obtained in 2003 from Tsukuba University, Japan.


29 June 2019


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