Dr. Jeffrey Neilson

Dr. Jeffrey Neilson

Dr. Jeff Neilson is a geographer whose research focuses on global value chains, rural development, and agrarian livelihoods in Southeast Asia. He has been engaged with the Indonesian cocoa sector since 2005 as a researcher and consultant.

Jeff is currently completing a five-year research project examining the livelihood impacts of farmer engagement in sustainability initiatives within the Indonesian coffee and cocoa sectors. His team’s research findings are promoting a global shift within value chain sustainability programs towards an enhanced service delivery function and greater sensitivity to the livelihood priorities of rural households. The research is funded by the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) and involves partners from Hasanuddin University and the Indonesian Coffee and Cocoa Research Institute.

Jeff’s other research interests are varied and include issues of food security and food sovereignty, the global coffee industry, agrarian reform, alternative measures of well-being, and agroecology.


29 June 2019


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